Ethics and Adopted Person Panels

I promise that I will get to journal summaries soon! But in the interim I share a letter that the Adoption Policy and Reform Collaborative (APRC),, sent to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration today in response to the use of adopted person testimonials. These testimonials were offered as part of the SAMHSA sponsored Domestic and International Adoption: Strategies to Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes for Youth and Their Families forum that took place August 29th and 30th in Rockville, MD. I was one of the representative’s of the APRC at this meeting. I was greatly concerned about the testimonials, their purpose, and potential exploitative nature. In response the APRC submitted a letter outlining the ethics from the major, non – medical mental health associations, including the American Counseling Association, as they applied to testimonials. I strongly feel this action needed to be taken although I am prepared for push back. If you are interested in reading the letter here is the downloadable link:

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